Reviews, Testimonials and Endorsements

The ZERO Curriculum™ itself is the ‘Leader’ and ‘Pioneer’ into Early Childhood Care and Education in India. The ZERO Curriculum™ is also pioneer in unique ideas / techniques to make Curriculum and other Curricular services being made available to the Preschool / Play Schools / Schools / Teachers / Principals. So, we do not seek Reviews, Testimonials and Endorsements from anybody.

If your objective is to see the ‘Curriculum’, then see the relevant pages properly.

We want each Preschool / Play School / School to Subscribe to the Curriculum, by paying First Month’s Installment and then themselves judge its Quality and fruition.

Reviews, Testimonials and Endorsements

Before proceeding specifically for The ZERO Curriculum™, let us understand the generic form of reviews and Testimonials which stands as of today.

Most of the internet visitors sees Reviews / Testimonials section on many websites, many preschools also work on the standard format provided by web-developers, even on tele-shopping / sky-shopping advertisements one regularly sees a person with fully-grown hair claiming that he was a bald person and using a particular oil, his hair grew back, so it is quite natural to ask for testimonials.

Asking for Testimonials is also regularly used by Preschool Entrepreneurs as a superb negotiation technique. The thought is – see, there are so few people who have purchased from you, so by purchasing from you, in fact I am obliging you.

Most commonly, reviews / testimonials are used in Hindi Cinema. There are movies which are completely nonsensical, dudd and having no cinematic values but goes on to become hit, because reviews / testimonials were properly managed.

And, there are movies which got flopped because of poor reviews / testimonials being spread in market (by ambiguously interested parties), and later on the movies goes on to win series of international and prominent government awards and few years later the movie is re-released and the movie also becomes hit (because this time there is no negative reviews / testimonials by ambiguously interested parties and the user / cinema goers is left alone to make their own judgment.)

The ZERO Curriculum™ is into the business of education and our only business is ‘Education’. We are a group of educationist dedicated to the Early Childhood Care and Education (Preschool, Play School, Nursery, Kindergarten, Day Care, Child Care). We have chosen to NOT associate / relate / attach our name – The ZERO Curriculum™, with any other names (be it smaller, bigger or influencer).

Founders of The ZERO Curriculum™ are in many other education businesses as well and as a philosophical policy, in none of their Educational Ventures Reviews and Testimonials is provided. Founders of The ZERO Curriculum™ believes that ‘Education’ should ‘Sell’ because of the Quality it has and Not because of other ‘Sales & Marketing’ approaches. So, we Do Not associate our name with any other user group / preschools / chains etc, for many reasons, some are mentioned below, and for these reasons, we Do Not provide reviews / testimonials about us. As a clear policy, we Do Not Endorse / Recommend any School / Preschool and Do Not get Endorsed / Recommended by any School / Preschool. “Quality Sells itself”. –

  • There is more than one reason that why a school / preschool / play school will not be a good name in itself, beyond Curriculum we do not have any other control on the schools / preschools / play schools subscribed with us, and we Do Not want to be dragged down or pushed up, because of other’s efforts. We wanted to be recognized and purchased because of our own good work – The ZERO Curriculum™, and Not because of other’s recommendations.
  • Preschool Education scenario in India is in such a stage that if we will start providing the names of preschools / play schools subscribed with us, entire world will try to seek copying from them (and will also spend their life time into it), and whereas we want each preschools / play schools of India to immediately purchase from us.
  • We have provided so much information regarding our Curriculum that, if participated in world records, we would have hold something kind of world record into having the largest website dedicated for the purpose of selling Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum, so for this reason also testimonials are Not required.
  • Besides being of Best Quality, our all Solutions are also Low Cost, so for this reason also testimonials are Not required.
  • We believe in Caveat Emptor – Buyer’s Beware policy, so we have provided huge information on our website to educate buyer properly regarding Curriculum, for this reason also testimonials are Not required.
  • Entry Charge to start experiencing our Curriculum is also very low, so for this reason also testimonials are Not required.
  • We are providing Installment Facility, which simply means that once we lack in anything, buyer may immediately stop paying their installments, so for this reason also testimonials are Not required.
  • Discussions and Materials regarding The ZERO Curriculum™, is so lucid and explained in such a proper manner that the testimonials are Not required.
  • Five points which will do away with your need for Reviews / Testimonials –
    One, We have built a huge website to explain regarding our – The ZERO Curriculum™
    Two, Our pricing is very low, we are a low-cost service provider
    Three, In addition to Low Price, we have also provided Installment Facility
    Four, Even the First Installment which a preschool / school, requires to pay to us is very Low
    Five, Besides having the most attractive Installment Facility, Low-Pricing Structure, No-Frills Pricing Policy, ‘Buy as you Go’ Pricing Policy.

Last but not the least, we have presented ourselves and our Curriculum – The ZERO Curriculum™ in such a nice manner that the testimonials are Not required.

We are pioneer and World’s Best Curricular Services Provider, Our Great Quality and Our superb Pricing, is our Testimonial.

We want that, each Preschool / School shall go for Installment Option and see for themselves, instead of trying to eke out something regarding us and our Curriculum from here and there.