The Content

The Content:

In India, NCERT develops, the National Curriculum Framework for each Class (grade level). This National Curriculum Framework is used by various Central Boards and State Boards to develop their own Syllabus, which in turn is used by all private Schools and Public Schools, affiliated with them. Coming to Preschool Segment (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs) in India, none of the Boards have released their proper Syllabus, Curriculum Framework or Curricular Guidelines.
Recently Tamil Nadu has prepared the draft syllabus for Play Schools, although it is still NOT applied.

Considering various irregularities on the part of Preschools of India, and entire absence of Curriculum from Preschools of India, Government of India is awakened and Curricular Laws is to be released and also National Curriculum Framework for Preschools is going to be issued.

Other good Nations like – USA, UK, African Countries, Scandinavian Counties (Finland, Norway), have their own National Curriculum Framework, based on which all their Preschools develop their own Curriculum.

Now, let us consider some higher Classes (Grades), for which the Child has to be prepared. Taking an example of Class 8, it could be easily seen that there is very little difference among various nations. But, we all know that there is too much difference between the intellectual capacity and IQ level (and others EQ, IC etc.) of average 8 grader student of India and that of Finland or America, UK. This difference is NOT because of What they Teach but because of How They Teach (and also the type of SOCIETY they are).

Considering all these facts of India and other Nations, and considering Syllabus of Primary Division, Secondary Division and also that of Higher Secondary Division, we defined (and developed), as to what the Child should know and be able to do by Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Level (Play Group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten).

The Content we are providing in a particular Program is most appropriate for that particular Program: Play Group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. It shall also be noted that our Content also covers the Skills required to be mastered by a Child of a particular age-group. (It is very natural, for the Curriculum to include “Skills” in the Content itself e.g. While delivering Mathematics i.e. doing any Mathematical Activity, in fact we target certain/specific “Mathematical Skill” to be acquired by the Child.) The Content, Topics included in The ZERO Curriculum™ might look similar to those in regular text books, syllabus, however the approach towards learning is very different.

It is very important to see that, whatever Curriculum Framework, Curricular Guidelines and/or Syllabus, the Government of India, other states or any Education Boards of India, comes up with, The ZERO Curriculum™, will always come up with appropriate solutions so as to empower the teachers and principals.

Each Content Area, which should be covered, have been covered in The ZERO Curriculum™.