Science :

Science teaching in Preschools is not where it should be, science is about developing scientific understanding. Those preschools, having something in the name of Curriculum, even their approach towards science teaching do not encourage thinking. Preparing for Competitive Examinations (Engineering, Medical, SAT, NTSE, Olympiad) means ‘thinking’, wherein children have to apply knowledge to everyday situations. Visual and Spatial Learning, are the tools, which is more required in study of sciences at later Grades (senior classes), which is completely absent from preschools.

Teaching through our science curriculum, helps in formation of one’s own views on a wide range of science topics.

‘Learning Science’ is in fact ‘Doing Science’, The ZERO Curriculum™ successfully does that.

Our Science Curriculum is based on experiments and through The ZERO Curriculum™ we endeavor to develop culture of experimental thinking.

Our Science Curriculum is based on problem-solving methods.

In Science, The ZERO Curriculum™ includes Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Environment and also Science Processes and Skills.

The topics included in The ZERO Curriculum™ might look similar to those in regular text books, syllabus, however, the approach towards learning is very different.

Our Science Curriculum also includes – Matter, Chemical Elements, Electricity, Magnetism, Energy, Motion, Force, Light, Sound and other waves, Temperature, Measurement and Methodology.

Our entire Science Curriculum has post activity follow ups, worksheets, etc, to check and evaluate ourselves, whether the child has really understood the concepts.

In Kindergarten, through our Science Curriculum, the child is taken on the journey to employ the key principles of the nature of science and the design process. E.g. the child, will study the physical properties of objects, will observe the patterns present in night and day, will study the seasons, will examine characteristics of plants and animals, and does all this using the key principles.

Besides, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Environment, the Science Curriculum of Kindergarten also includes Technology and Engineering. So, in fact, our Science Curriculum has Science, Technology and Engineering.