Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy :

Broadly, Language and Literacy is Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Language (Multi-Language).

India is a Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural, Multi-racial, Multi-religion, Multi-script nation. Typical case is that, more than often kids coming to preschools / schools are not having age-appropriate fluency even in their primary language (home language). There are families, where double language scenario (home language plus English) is quite prevalent. However, to maximum kids, English will come as a second language.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, Reading and Writing is not delivered directly through worksheets or other heavily rigour based activities. But, it is done through a proper process, through Developmentally Appropriate Materials, Activities and foundational experiences.

We will also be providing you with various materials to create a print-rich environment, with an aesthetic feel of in-school developed materials.

However, Literacy is more than just Reading and Writing, it is about entire Communication – expressing oneself, sharing experiences, dreams, imagination, oral capability, writing capability, pictures, paintings, Art, Colours, Sign language and much more, and we have included each in The ZERO Curriculum™.