How we Teach is more important than What we Teach™

Say, we are teaching about a ‘xyz’ animal. Now, what animal we are teaching would hold lesser importance then, how and what we teach about that animal –
The list of such How’s is also very long – how instructional exercises are to be carried out? How activities to be done? How discussion is to be started? How to conduct the related thematic activity? How to use Flash Card? How to use worksheets? And much more. All such How’s has been properly addressed in our Curriculum.
E.g. Regarding a ‘particular’ Animal, what holds much importance is –
How appreciation about that ‘animal’ is generated, how beauty of nature is seen by child in that animal.
Which Features child observes on own?
What Teacher shall explain about that animal?
Which features makes it fall under a particular classification?
Which all features shall be emphasized for the child?
What makes it different from other animals?
What makes it similar to other animals?

That’s why we say ‘How we Teach is more important than What we Teach™’.

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