Formal vs Informal

Formal vs Informal – Preschool Education

As per UNESCO terminology, and as generally used in the literature on development and education, ‘Formal education’ is considered to be of an academic nature and within the context of a structured, age-graded school system. ‘Informal’ or ‘Non-Formal’ education is an organized educational activity outside the school. In a Preschool, Non-Formal education refers to a play-based, child-centred approach. Formal education within a preschool refers to a teacher-centred approach with a focus on academics.
Preschool child requires exposure to active learning; in using language; in representing experiences and ideas; in developing logical reasoning, classification, serialization, number concepts, in understanding spatial relations and in understanding time.
The truth is that High Quality Preschool means, we provide exposure to high cognitive skills, high quality experiences and they are highly engaging, they are playful, and equally they are developmentally appropriate.
Thus, when it comes to preschool education, such differentiation like ‘Formal education’, ‘Informal’ or ‘Non-Formal’ education ceases to exist.

Preschool Education is Preschool Education.

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