Cross Connections among Content areas

The Child has abstract number concepts, that is, abstract understanding of mathematics, and they can operate on these concepts to perform addition and some other functions. So what do we do when we teach a child, mathematics – we put language to it, we put vocabulary to it, so is it languagisation, mathematisation or plain mathematics teaching?
Take an illustration – A very interesting story is narrated by teacher, this will get connected to the discussion of life cycle of butterfly, a science concept, and further this shall get connected to a mathematical concept, what is happening here? This is Cross Connections among Content areas. In Preschool Education, any content area is not a stand-alone; it is always Cross Connections.
However, every-time we do a concept, we have clear understanding about ‘what is primary’ and ‘what is secondary’; and we must have a clear understanding about having primary learning goal for each content area.

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