Cognitive vs Non Cognitive

Cognitive vs Non Cognitive

Generally, if something of “SUBSTANCE” kind of in literacy or numeracy is delivered people tell it cognitive. No wrong, the only difference is that whatsoever we do we require both part the cognition part and as well the non-cognition part. Both are embedded with each other.

Child’s grasp of content knowledge and skills such as writing, reading, numeracy, and problem-solving is referred as cognitive and child’s “capacity” to do so is considered as the non-cognitive.
We may easily see that, “Capacity” could be increased, influenced, directed, and so cognitive and non-cognitive are inseparable.

It may also be seen that non-cognitive could not be measured through any kind of test, IQ test or exams etc, however performance in cognitive part depends on this non-cognitive part.
We have also discussed that, ‘High quality Preschool’ means ‘exposure to high cognitive skills, high quality experiences’.

Thus, Cognitive and Non-cognitive are inseparable.

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