Calculus in Preschool™
Calculus in Preschool

Mathematics is required in every profession, be it, scientists, mathematicians, insurance agents, brokers, teachers, retailers, engineers, architects, computer programmers, business man, builders, shoppers, everybody requires Mathematics.

Mathematics is like any other field, to master it, one must acquire basic knowledge before proceeding to more advanced stages. In quite creative and innovative way, that’s why we teach “Calculus in Preschool™”. Also See related Video.

Calculus in Preschool Video – Click Here and this Synopsis Video – Click Here

Preschool (Early Childhood Education) Mathematics forms the foundation of later stage advanced Mathematics.

Having adequate opportunity to learn Mathematics in Early Childhood Education settings (Preschool / Play School / Nursery / Kindergarten / Day Care / Child Care) helps in developing complex Mathematics understanding at later stages.

The ZERO Curriculum™ lays so much emphasis on Early Mathematics Learning that very succinctly, we use phrase ‘Calculus in Preschool™’.

Video of Calculus in Preschool™ by Rewati Raman Vishewar:

Now Preschools will teach Calculus in Preschool™ by adopting most advanced Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum – The ZERO Curriculum

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