Academic vs. Non-Academic

Academic vs. Non-Academic

As per Early Childhood Care and Education philosophy, Preschool instructions need to be Play-based, child-centered and developmentally appropriate.

But, the two and half year old child, needs the prerequisites of language development, phonological awareness (like rhyming), and sorting before being ready for formal reading and math instructions.

Presently, it has been scientifically proven that the child has the capability to understand the time and space, child has natural inquisitiveness to know about things a science problem resolved, child has natural interest in sharing ideas, child has inborn desire to present himself, child easily understands rules and respect these; then what shall we call all these things – Academic or Non-Academic?

Instructions, Worksheets, Activities, Schedules, etc all these might be developmentally appropriate or developmentally in-appropriate.

There is an expert consensus on this that well before age six, the child can learn the ideas and skills that support later, more complex mathematics understanding.

Thus, in preschool education, the way; the methodology, the instructions; the assessment; the worksheets; might be developmentally appropriate or developmentally in-appropriate and so ‘Learning through Play’ must get precedence.

But the topic of discussion that what shall we do in Preschool Education – Academic or Non-Academic, is completely redundant.

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