Benefits of accessing Curriculum in Online Formats – Video, Presentation, Cards, Print Ready PDFs –

Inbuilt with training:

The ZERO Curriculum™ is inbuilt with training and this became possible only because of its digital mode delivery.

Video and Presentation mode:

The ZERO Curriculum™ is not just some text, documents or some bunch of manuals etc. The ZERO Curriculum™ is inbuilt with training being presented in Video and Presentation mode, this comes as a huge benefit.

Approach to make teachers and principals ‘understand’ the concepts / themes / content areas:

Video and Presentation mode helps the teachers and principals in ‘understanding’ the concept. Making teachers ‘understand’ the concept is our main idea behind having Curriculum inbuilt with training in Video and Presentation mode.

Quick Review:

Having online (digital) mode delivery has made it very easy to have a Quick Review, when users don’t want to go through entire details.

Snapshot – Day Snapshot, Month Snapshot:

There are times, when the Principal, Administrator, Admission Counsellor, Manager is interested to view the Snapshot of the Curriculum rather than going for detailed Curriculum, and this is easily done with our Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum.

Economical Pricing:

One of the reasons that we are able to keep our prices so low is our Online presence.

Easy usability:

The structure of website is made in such a manner that several things becomes self-explanatory, which erstwhile use to consume lot much time of Teachers to understand.

All benefits of having online library is applicable here:

In case of our Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, the users can immediately hop on to the stuff they require, by easily escaping various things.

‘Ease of use’ is a great boon of having Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum.

Read / View only the ‘Part’ you are interested in and escape ‘which you already know’:

Our online (digital) mode delivery comes with the flexibility to view either the part of any section or entire portion and this is at the discretion of user.

Privacy of own room or at school:

There are pupils, who have intimacy with their room and may study well there only. In our case the user (Principal, Teacher, Admission Counsellor, Manager, Chairman) would be at flexibility to use the entire Curriculum in privacy of own room or at school.

No Ego hassles and No Embarrassments:

Education depends on many things and one of this is ‘supreme self-confidence’. However, in real world, most of the time we get into deep organizational politics, and this also stops Principal from inviting help from outside (decision of which Consultants to hire or which Trainer to be invited gets guided by Ego, rather than the ability and the talent), thereby the School, Parents, Teachers, Staff everybody suffers.

In case of our Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, since the human has been replaced by Technology, the User groups – Principal, Teacher, Administrator, Manager, Admission Counsellor is at great comfort.

Pause, Play, Repeat And Discuss:

The beauty of technology being used by us, empowers user of our Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum to Pause, Play, Repeat, Go Back, come forward, do a Discussion among peers etc.

Knowledge of Content/Subject area:

Considering the typicality of User Groups (Teachers, Principal, Administrator, Manager) and finding their shortcomings, knowledge of Content/Subject area is also provided in our Curriculum, and, this comes with a lot of flexibility.

User Groups (Teachers, Principal, Administrator, Manager) is having flexibility to go through the entire knowledge of Content/Subject Area (in case they do not have that), or may also easily escape it (in case they already know about relevant topic).

Huge Curriculum but very simple to use:

Our Curriculum is quite huge. On an average, Per Program we have 75,000 (Seventy Five Thousand) pages i.e. 75,000 unique elements.

But, video and presentation mode delivery, taxonomy, linking, and other technical options are so good that User will feel it like cakewalk.

Feedback and Immediate update:

Due to online (digital) mode delivery, we are able to make an immediate update based on feedback and research.