Pre Primary Curriculum

Pre-Primary Curriculum :

The ZERO Curriculum™ provides Pre-Primary for below mentioned Grades and Age groups – 

  1. PlayGroup – Age group 2 to 3 Years
  2. Nursery – Age group 3 to 4 Years
  3. Lower Kindergarten – Age group 4 to 5 Years
  4. Upper Kindergarten – Age group 5 to 6 Years

However, following the academic principle, National Early Childhood Care and Education Policy of India and National Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum Framework of India, Pre-Primary Curriculum is also provided as per below mentioned categories – 

  1. PlayGroup & Nursery – Age group 2 to 4 Years
  2. Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten – Age group 4 to 6 Years

Primarily, The ZERO Curriculum™ provides Curriculum solutions in two formats – 1. Ready Format Curriculum 2. Customised Curriculum.


More details may be viewed on these respective pages :-

Pre-Primary Curriculum:

PlayGroup Curriculum

Nursery Curriculum

Lower Kindergarten Curriculum

Upper Kindergarten Curriculum

Primary Curriculum:

Grade 1 Curriculum

Grade 2 Curriculum

Grade 3 Curriculum

Grade 4 Curriculum

Grade 5 Curriculum





Features Attributes Advantages and Benefits of The ZERO Curriculum™:

We are standing in a time when quite significantly, most of the things are known about the child, as a Curriculum Developer and an Educator our prime role is to apply all the available knowledge in the most beautiful manner, and we have done it Best.

The ZERO Curriculum™ is well researched, well planned and most scientific, besides it is also well appropriate for all preschool stakeholders (Principals, Teachers, Administrators etc.). The ZERO Curriculum™ has all required contents and is the most Developmentally Appropriate in its delivery, format and content, exactly the way it should be.

In one liner statement – in The ZERO Curriculum™, we are providing everything – the Content, the Methods and also the self-developed Materials (teacher’s resources like Flash Cards, Art Creatives, Worksheets etc), which is to be used.That means, in The ZERO Curriculum™, we have included all, What to teach, How to teach it and when to teach it. But, How we teach is more important than What we Teach and, it is the most glaring aspect of The ZERO Curriculum™.

Preschool Theories and Philosophies –

While developing Curriculum, Preschool Theories and Philosophies are required, so that pedagogically sound practices and Developmentally Appropriate practices are followed.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, we have used all available Preschool Theories and Philosophies, wherever required and appropriate.

List of some Preschool Theories and Philosophies being used in The ZERO Curriculum™ is –

Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Dewey, Maslow, Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia), Sara Smilansky (Learning through Play), Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), Howard Gardner©*, R. N. Caine, G. Caine, E. Jensen, R. Sylvester, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Paulo Freire, Friedrich Froebel, Thematic Approach, Integrated Approach, Experiential Education, Pestalozzi, Freud, Learning through Play, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore.

The Content:

In India, NCERT develops, the National Curriculum Framework for each Class (grade level). This National Curriculum Framework is used by various Central Boards and State Boards to develop their own Syllabus, which in turn is used by all private Schools and Public Schools, affiliated with them. Coming to Preschool Segment (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs) in India, none of the Boards have released their proper Syllabus, Curriculum Framework or Curricular Guidelines.
Recently Tamil Nadu has prepared the draft syllabus for Play Schools, although it is still NOT applied.

Considering various irregularities on the part of Preschools of India, and entire absence of Curriculum from Preschools of India, Government of India is awakened and Curricular Laws is to be released and also National Curriculum Framework for Preschools is going to be issued.

Other good Nations like – USA, UK, African Countries, Scandinavian Counties (Finland, Norway), have their own National Curriculum Framework, based on which all their Preschools develop their own Curriculum.

Now, let us consider some higher Classes (Grades), for which the Child has to be prepared. Taking an example of Class 8, it could be easily seen that there is very little difference among various nations. But, we all know that there is too much difference between the intellectual capacity and IQ level (and others EQ, IC etc.) of average 8 grader student of India and that of Finland or America, UK. This difference is NOT because of What they Teach but because of How They Teach (and also the type of SOCIETY they are).

Considering all these facts of India and other Nations, and considering Syllabus of Primary Division, Secondary Division and also that of Higher Secondary Division, we defined (and developed), as to what the Child should know and be able to do by Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Level (Play Group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten).

The Content we are providing in a particular Program is most appropriate for that particular Program: Play Group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. It shall also be noted that our Content also covers the Skills required to be mastered by a Child of a particular age-group. (It is very natural, for the Curriculum to include “Skills” in the Content itself e.g. While delivering Mathematics i.e. doing any Mathematical Activity, in fact we target certain/specific “Mathematical Skill” to be acquired by the Child.) The Content, Topics included in The ZERO Curriculum™ might look similar to those in regular text books, syllabus, however the approach towards learning is very different.

It is very important to see that, whatever Curriculum Framework, Curricular Guidelines and/or Syllabus, the Government of India, other states or any Education Boards of India, comes up with, The ZERO Curriculum™, will always come up with appropriate solutions so as to empower the teachers and principals.

The Content Area (Subjects) –

Each Content Area, which should be covered, have been covered in The ZERO Curriculum™.

Social Studies
The Arts
Language and Literacy

Mathematics : A conception, misconceptions and even simple algorithm of Mathematics, is carried by the pupil generally throughout life. One deviation or one wrong step can have real flaw in mathematical understanding of the pupil. The ZERO Curriculum™ is well researched and well developed in each aspect of Mathematics. Mathematics is about Early Mathematical Experiences, whereby, our Curriculum is doing “Mathematisation”. Even the six month old child has mathematical skills, simply put, the Child when arrives at Preschool is already having abstract Mathematical Skills, what The ZERO Curriculum™ is doing is “Mathematisation”. And, of course The ZERO Curriculum™ has, “Calculus in Preschool™” and also “Calculus in Kindergarten™”

Science : Science teaching in Preschools is not where it should be, science is about developing scientific understanding. Those preschools, having something in the name of Curriculum, even their approach towards science teaching do not encourage thinking. Preparing for Competitive Examinations (Engineering, Medical, SAT, NTSE, Olympiad) means ‘thinking’, wherein children have to apply knowledge to everyday situations. Visual and Spatial Learning, are the tools, which is more required in study of sciences at later Grades (senior classes), which is completely absent from preschools.

Teaching through our science curriculum, helps in formation of one’s own views on a wide range of science topics.

‘Learning Science’ is in fact ‘Doing Science’, The ZERO Curriculum™ successfully does that.

Our Science Curriculum is based on experiments and through The ZERO Curriculum™ we endeavor to develop culture of experimental thinking.

Our Science Curriculum is based on problem-solving methods.

In Science, The ZERO Curriculum™ includes Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Environment and also Science Processes and Skills.

The topics included in The ZERO Curriculum™ might look similar to those in regular text books, syllabus, however, the approach towards learning is very different.

Our Science Curriculum also includes – Matter, Chemical Elements, Electricity, Magnetism, Energy, Motion, Force, Light, Sound and other waves, Temperature, Measurement and Methodology.

Our entire Science Curriculum has post activity follow ups, worksheets, etc, to check and evaluate ourselves, whether the child has really understood the concepts.

In Kindergarten, through our Science Curriculum, the child is taken on the journey to employ the key principles of the nature of science and the design process. E.g. the child, will study the physical properties of objects, will observe the patterns present in night and day, will study the seasons, will examine characteristics of plants and animals, and does all this using the key principles.

Besides, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Environment, the Science Curriculum of Kindergarten also includes Technology and Engineering. So, in fact, our Science Curriculum has Science, Technology and Engineering.

Technology : Technology in The ZERO Curriculum™ includes Technology orientation, Technology usage, and appreciation of Technology in our lives.

Language and Literacy : Broadly, Language and Literacy is Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Language (Multi-Language).

India is a Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural, Multi-racial, Multi-religion, Multi-script nation. Typical case is that, more than often kids coming to preschools / schools are not having age-appropriate fluency even in their primary language (home language). There are families, where double language scenario (home language plus English) is quite prevalent. However, to maximum kids, English will come as a second language.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, Reading and Writing is not delivered directly through worksheets or other heavily rigour based activities. But, it is done through a proper process, through Developmentally Appropriate Materials, Activities and foundational experiences.

We will also be providing you with various materials to create a print-rich environment, with an aesthetic feel of in-school developed materials.

However, Literacy is more than just Reading and Writing, it is about entire Communication – expressing oneself, sharing experiences, dreams, imagination, oral capability, writing capability, pictures, paintings, Art, Colours, Sign language and much more, and we have included each in The ZERO Curriculum™.

Social Studies : The challenges, which is to be faced by the mankind, twenty years from now, would be more challenging, than could be easily addressed in the parameters of Science alone, or Mathematics alone. Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences are going to play roles much larger than it could be visualized.

So, our Social Studies Curriculum, the teaching and the learning will happen, in the exact way, it should be – “appreciating Facts, appreciating Past, Environment consciousness”.

Our Social Studies Curriculum, has History, Geography, Civics and Economics.

The Arts : The Arts in The ZERO Curriculum™ includes Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Dance, Rhymes, Songs and Physical Activities.

Summative, The ZERO Curriculum™ empowers the acquisition of Mathematical, Historical, Scientific and Artistic ways of thinking.

Programs :

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Pre KG : Toddler / Play Group Program – 1.5 Years to 2.5 Years

Pre KG : Nursery Program – 2.5 Years to 3.5 Years

Kindergarten Programs

Junior Kindergarten – 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years

Senior Kindergarten – 4.5 Years to 5.5 / 6 Years

*Age for Programs could be varied by up to 6 Months up or down depending upon Developmental Milestones.

There is a great amount of difference between the curriculum of Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Programs. The difference is higher, in the sense of ‘skills’ being developed in the child.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs is by name ‘Pre-Kindergarten’, but, ‘Curriculum’ wise it is not something as simple as to be “pre” of “Kindergarten”. Continuing in that sense, Curriculum of Pre-Kindergarten Programs is quite different from Kindergarten Programs. However, Curriculum of Programs, Pre-Kindergarten Programs as well as Kindergarten Programs, are surely “pre” of Class 11 and Class 12 (Ten Plus Two Programs) and even “pre” of various Graduation Programs.

Within Pre-Kindergarten Programs i.e. between the curriculum of Toddler/PlayGroup and Nursery, there is not a huge difference. Similarly, within Kindergarten Programs i.e. between the curriculum of Junior Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten programs,

Curriculum of Pre-Kindergarten Programs as well as Kindergarten Programs, also gets affected by Admission pattern into such programs.

Admission into Preschool Programs, does not happens in a particular age group, the reasons are plenty, sometime the child is not ready, sometime enough need is not felt by parents to bring the child to preschool, sometime parents don’t find suitable preschool. So, there are children who start attending preschool from Toddler Program (Age 1.5 Years to 2.5 Years*), there are children who start attending preschool from Nursery Program (Age 2.5 Years to 3.5 Years*), there are children who start attending preschool from Lower Kindergarten Program (Age 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years*), there are children who start attending preschool from Upper Kindergarten Program (Age 4.5 Years to 5.5 Years*).

* Age could be varied by up to 6 Months up or down

Whilst development of Preschool Programs and respective Curriculum we also undertake these, as in typical environment of India, this has lot much bearing on Preschool Education – socio-economic background of children, parental involvement, teacher characteristics, school / preschool characteristics, transfers from other school, homeschooling, classes missed by the child, and many other things, has been properly addressed in our Preschool Programs and respective Curriculum.

Content Delivery –

The ZERO Curriculum™ (even the Teacher’s instruction provided by us) is inbuilt to allow the Child to learn at own pace.

As mentioned above, you noticed that our Content areas are – Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Language and Literacy, Technology, but the Child experiences it in a holistic way through various activities, like play, provisions, instructions, discussions and other relevant things. The ZERO Curriculum™, in fact, is the sum total of all experience, which is available for the child.

Some activities being used are:- sorting, matching, comparing, classifying, making patterns and sequences, music, movement, dance, dramatic and role-play activities, playing, exploring and investigating, doing and observing, talking and listening, asking and answering questions, mental mathematics, playing games, talking about work, counting activities … see the brief list of Activities to deliver the Curriculum here – Click Here.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, most of the content areas are delivered primarily through arts and creative activities like drawing, painting, singing, rhymes, group activity, individual activity etc. That means delivery of entire Content areas (subjects) is interwoven with Activities, Drawings, paintings, rhymes, Story (telling and retelling), Discussions, Learning Centers, Worksheets, Blocks, meaningful Free Play, Discovery areas, Water Play, Sand Play, Pretend Play, Dramatics and other Fun and enjoyable things.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, we are suggesting use of low cost equipment and also suggesting and providing resources to use self-developed creative and materials.

In The ZERO Curriculum™, we have also included post activities discussions. And, discussions and activities are in-twined in such a manner so as to be part of delivery of units, themes, content areas (subjects).

In The ZERO Curriculum™, all kinds of learners have been addressed (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic). That means, for delivery of a particular units, content areas, subjects, the activity, is changed to suit all kinds of learners (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic).

A child has varied interests, and in The ZERO Curriculum™, all such kind of interests has been addressed. That means, for delivery of particular units, content areas, subjects, multiple types of activities are conducted, so that children having varied interests are properly included.

As an Educator, having understood that, knowledge is vast and in a proper sense unlimited too and time is a scarce resource for all teachers and administrators, our PPTs (like flash cards) will equip you only with the required and desired information and removes unnecessary (not required) areas (knowledge).

Some Interesting Elements addressed in The ZERO Curriculum™ –

Preschool Curriculum: Academic vs. Non-Academic

Preschool Curriculum: 1920 versus 2020

Preschool Curriculum: Formal vs Informal

Preschool Curriculum: Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Preschool Curriculum: Cross Connections among Content areas

Preschool Curriculum: Downward Extensions and Connections among Subjects / Contents Areas

Preschool Curriculum: Cognitive vs Non Cognitive

Preschool Curriculum: How we Teach is more important than What we Teach

Preschool Curriculum: Play versus hard work – Hard work itself is FUN

Preschool Curriculum developed from Teacher Perspective

Calculus in Preschool

Optics in Preschool

Play is NOT idle babysitting Play

Learning through Play

Frequently Asked Questions – Features Attributes Advantages and Benefits of The ZERO Curriculum™ –

Features Attributes Advantages and Benefits

Freedom for Teacher and Principal

Our Curriculum provides Video and Presentation mode delivery. Such Video and Presentation mode provides the Teacher and Principal with huge flexibility.

Self Paced Learning for Teacher and Principal

Most of the time Administrators / Chairman of Preschools and Schools has this mindset / notion – “whatever kind of Curriculum I am going to bring, whatever kind of training I am going to do, my Teacher and Principal is never going to learn anything”. But, such is not the case, in fact, the Teacher and the Principal, wish to learn, it is just that most of them intends to do it at their own pace, at their own timings – may be slow, or may be fast.
The delivery of Curriculum learning has to happen in Classroom scenario at a different time and Learning of Teacher / Principal is happening at different time, so it doesn’t makes difference whether the Teacher is a slow Learner or a fast Learner.
The kind of Online Training and Curriculum system we have brought for you, has made everything possible – The Teacher and Principal learns at their own pace, The Preschool / School has the option to decide that they wish to go for Group Learning or Individual Learning.

Day wise Curriculum – 100% Ready Format

Our Curriculum is not “just in form of some texts, books (which you will study and then will try to prepare your Curriculum / Day Plan) or manuals” or “some collection of worksheets (which you will sort and distribute over days, also in most cases such worksheets might also have no sync with concepts)” or “some collection of activities (on which you will break your brain to understand that what these activities will deliver to the child, also in most cases such activities will simply time-pass the child)” or “just some collection of rhymes”. But, Our Curriculum is in 100% Ready Format, ready enough to just deliver, it is in such ready format that teachers / principal just need to enact it.
E.g. The concept of ‘seed’ is to be delivered by the teacher, so we have included everything, required dialogues to be spoken by the teachers, required drama to be enacted by the teachers, required activities, required follow up activities, and also the temperament of this concept is fitted properly. So, it is in 100% Ready Format, ready to deliver.

Self Training Format – Teacher, Principal Empowerment

Even our Text Version Curriculum is in ‘Self Training’ Format. Be it, the newcomers / plain graduates / plain higher secondary pass teachers, just by going through the Curriculum they would be empowered to deliver it in the Class room.
E.g. We have Not left it to the teachers that they will learn about ‘Frog’ from some biology book, and then will decide about what shall be shared with the child. Rather we have empowered the teacher about the ‘Frog’, and also included the dialogues to be shared with the child. Additionally, our Curriculum is also flexible enough, so that Teachers may also add value from their side, if so desired. Although, we have made it 100% complete.
Schools / Preschools subscribing to Text Plus Video Training Curriculum, will of course has Training element as well. This caters to the kind of Teachers / Principal, who have remained absent from studies for quite long, and find it real tough to read from documents.

Delivery of the Curriculum i.e. Learning experienced by the Child

Best Syllabus, Best Framework of Curriculum and ultimately the Best Curriculum, and the most glaring aspect of entire Curriculum is that ‘how we are delivering it’ and ‘how the child is experiencing it’. The best activities has been used in the Curriculum, to deliver any Concepts / Themes / Units. The List of Activities used by us in endless and continuously evolving too, see the some List of Activities here – Click Here.
How our Curriculum is empowering the Teacher / Principal to deliver the Curriculum is also very appropriate and relevant. E.g. Sand Play is not just about hiding some toys in sand and leave the child to play with it.

Development of the Curriculum – Thorough and Complete

Correlating things, with what a child might be required to study is Class 11 (Grade 11) or Class 12 (Grade 12), having developed the well designed and most appropriate Syllabus for all Preschool and Kindergarten Programs, we passed it through various frameworks, and then its was passed through all kind of Preschool Education Philosophies, testing it on Developmentally Appropriate Practices, and many more Processes, circles of checks and balances, we arrived to our – “The ZERO Curriculum™ “.
None whatosever, which is required to be delivered in respective Programs, is missing from our Curriculum.

Continuous Research, Quick Update, immediate application

Continuous Research and continuous Feedback is a remarkable thing, which is available only with us. Even the Parents of your Preschool / School, will give you Feedback, once you put them on – “Parents as Partners”.
Preschools / Schools will appreciate that, our Curriculum is so good that we have made a beautiful process to even share it with Parents.
Being available Online, any New thing or any changes brought through Research or Feedback process, is applied immediately, which is again not at all a possibility with others.


With our Curriculum entire Curriculum, whether Text version or Text Plus Video Training, it is available for all 220 Days and each Activity, Art & Craft, Themes, Units, Content Areas etc.
With us, there is an Option to access Curriculum, as well as, Training, 24 / 7.

Flexibility of usage – escape, re-read, revise, quick jumps, ready reckoner, daily reminder, purchase lists, weekly planning, monthly planning

Our Curriculum is very elaborate and complete, but it is also very user-friendly. The taxonomy, division of various elements has been done in such a manner that user has all kind of flexibility. Entire Curriculum is presented with a objective to save time and be elaborate and complete as well. The teacher already knows about something, may escape it. Entire reading can be done by the Teacher as per her own desire. Snapshot of week, snapshot of Month, is also available so that Teacher may discuss about it with parents very easily.

Snapshot for Chairman / Managers

Option for Administrators / Principals / Managers / Chairman to quickly see the snapshot for entire Day / Month, and just have the understanding of ‘what is happening in school’ instead of going into entire detailed curriculum.

Time Saving Options

Our curriculum provides the Option with the user to directly jump to the desired video / text to view, this is useful when Teacher is in hurry to just check one or two things.

Developmentally Appropriate Worksheets (Very High Numbers)

With our Curriculum you will have Developmentally Appropriate Customised Worksheets.

Poor Teacher and Poor retention of Teacher

The most glaring problem, a Preschool / School faces, is the Teacher –
1. Quality of Teacher is low in many cases,
2. Teacher keeps on hopping / leaving job,
3. New Teacher joins in mid of session,
4. Many a time a Teacher joins in the mid of the ongoing Month,
Our Preschool Curriculum and Preschool Curriculum Delivery Training addresses all such issues. The preschool / school just need to click on our ‘Delivery Website’ and the Teacher would be ready from the very First Day itself. This all is without incurring any additional charge…

Continuous Support

With our Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, your school / preschool will get Support (Telephonic and Email) through the entire Academic Year. In our case, this is so easily done, because of our unique delivery methodology of the entire service.


In our case, User Account, once activated will have Curriculum & Training available 24 / 7.
In our case, Preschools / Schools need not spend additionally on Trainer’s Cost.
In our case, Training would also be available 24 / 7.
In our case, Training on each required aspect is given.
Illustration : Even the small aspect like type of Art / Craft paper being used, Materials, How to prepare stuff etc…everything is covered. That simply means we have covered things with such great detail that even a complete novice and Inexperienced Teacher will become the Best Teacher. Additionally, there is an option that those who are not interested in a particular Video Training / Text, they may easily escape it and proceed for things they are interested in, thus save their time.
Each Activities, Worksheets, Themes, Units, Content Area comes with already tested on all Childhood Development and Childhood Education Philosophies like Montessori Philosophy, Development Appropriate Practices, Jean Piaget, Child Centric, and many more… Teacher would not be required to do anything in this regard.

Zero Error and No Time pass work

Curriculum from “Preschool for Child Rights” – The manner in which we are using technology along with an adage of pure Curricular Knowledge, we possess, it became possible to check and recheck errors, which might come in case of any educational project. So, in fact our Curriculum is Error Free. And also, since everything is immaculately planned, there is no ‘time pass’ happening with respect to Training, like it generally happens when an poor Academic Trainer visits any preschool campus for training purpose.

How Worksheets are made – Design, Art work, Style, Drawings, Line Draw etc

With our Curriculum you will have In-House developed, Developmentally Appropriate, aligned with curriculum, having assessment approach Worksheets with your own logo and own preschool name. All our worksheets are having proper drawings, proper line draws, proper formats and beautifully made.

Universal Feedback

In our case, regarding the Curriculum, you may collect Feedback from all sources – Teachers, Principal and All Parents of your School / Preschool. To understand more about it see – “Parents as Partners”.

Parent Inclusive

Present days Parents are very demanding and they are becoming more aware too, due to spread of IT. Everyday Parents raises questions (Click Here to see Questions), which Teachers / Principals finds tough to address. We have developed a beautiful Product to address this problem – Know More about the Product Click Here.

Low Cost, Best Quality

Cost of our Curricular Services is very Low. Our entire Pricing Structure is very Economical.

Installment Facility

Just to ensure that nothing in this world shall stop Preschool / School from using our Curricular Services, we have beautiful drawn Monthly Installment Facility. Installment Facility increases confidence of Preschool / School, as with Installment Facility, they have flexibility to Stop Paying Installment, in case they are not satisfied. We are so much confident of our offerings that we have very Long Monthly Installments.

Customised for Each Preschool

Each Preschool / School has its own share of Challenges and Problems. We customise Curriculum for each Preschool / School, at No additional Cost.

Low Entry Cost

In addition to Installment Facility, even our Entry Charge is very low, so that no Preschool / School has any kind of fear about using our Curriculum.