Marx and Early Childhood Education

Marxist … Yes, I am a Marxist!

I am a student of Early Childhood Education, and if I will not be a Marxist, I cannot even attempt to draw the basic curriculum structure of Early Childhood Education, be it Early Numeracy or Early Literacy.

Whether it is Circle time, Learning Time, Expression Time or even Outdoor Time, if I do not refer Marx, I cannot plan for even one lesson plan, one activity.

To develop Curriculum I would start Marx from ‘Historical Materialism’ (Marx), I would also go through Engels.

To develop Early Childhood Education Curriculum, I would start from this – “Consciousness does not determine life: life determines consciousness” (Marx and Engels 1845-6).

Would you be interested to know more about how ‘Marx’ helps us in developing Curriculum for Early Childhood Education?

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Rewati Raman Vishewar is Curriculum Developer & Teacher Educator and also Co-Founder at ‘The ZERO Curriculum™’.

Author – Rewati Raman Vishewar