How to Start a Preschool in India (18 Chapters – Step wise Complete Information)

how to start a preschool in india

Here from this page onward we are providing complete information regarding starting up a preschool / play school in India. The entire information is divided into 18 Chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a separate topic.


To start a preschool in India, Entrepreneurs need to be acquainted with the below-mentioned information –


  1. Toys,
  2. Equipment,
  3. Preschool Academics,
  4. Recruitment,
  5. Central Government of India and respective State Governments of India legal / law related requirement to start a preschool in the respective location
  6. Designing the Site layout,
  7. Developing policies for your preschool,
  8. Transportation,
  9. Commencement,
  10. Inquiry Handling
  11. Promotions,
  12. Advertising,
  13. Managing Relationships,
  14. Launch,
  15. Finance and Accounting,
  16. Budget,
  17. Preschool business in India,
  18. What it means to become a Preschool / Play School Entrepreneur (this would be Chapter One)



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how to start a preschool in india

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