Day wise Play School Curriculum

For the convenience of Subscribers, each Curriculum solutions relating to Play School Curriculum in Tamil Nadu is Priced separately.

1. Day wise distribution of Activities, Themes, Topics, Content Areas and also Learning outcomes (Name – Day wise Play School Curriculum) – 

  • Based on Play School Syllabus and Play School Curriculum framework of Tamil Nadu
  • Day wise distribution – 220 Days
  • On demand, show to the statutory authority (Department of Elementary Education, Chennai, Tamil Nadu) that a written Curriculum is being used by your Play School, which is aligned with Play School Syllabus / Curriculum Framework issued by Department of Elementary Education, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Day wise schedule and Teaching plans – Daily plans
  • Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Plans
  • 100% Ready Format
  • Text mode – Text and/or Presentation (Video Training is NOT included)