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Welcome to the world of The ZERO Curriculum™ :

The ZERO Curriculum™ provides all kinds of solutions relating to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ (Pre-Primary/ Preschool/ Kindergarten) and ‘Primary Grades’ into the areas of Curriculum, Training, Academic Resources, Curriculum Delivery, Printable, Worksheets, Teaching materials, Creatives, etc.

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) includes Play School, Preschool, Nursery, Kindergarten, Day Care, Child Care, Family based day care, Corporate based Day Care, Family Care settings and other Childcare settings.

The ZERO Curriculum™ provides 100% Ready Format Day wise Curriculum, Training, Workshop, Printable, Worksheet, Assessment solutions, Early Mathematics / Early Numeracy, Early Literacy solutions for all kinds of ECCE settings like Play School, Preschool, Nursery, Kindergarten, Day Care, Child Care, Family based day care, Corporate based Day Care, Family Care settings and other Childcare settings.

With an Objective to – Support Teachers Teach and Children Learn™; The ZERO Curriculum™ provides entire Pre-Primary Grades (Preschool / Play School) and Primary Grades related solutions in ‘Training’ mode. This 100% Ready Format Day wise Curriculum is also available in Online formats – Video and Presentation. Our ‘Training’ mode delivery empowers the Teachers (ECCE Professionals / Child minders) to imbibe the Curriculum properly and thus deliver it easily and also contribute immensely in ‘Assessment’.

Job of Teachers and Principals is highly demanding and considering that they have very little time left at their hand to make themselves through with the entire Curriculum, The ZERO Curriculum™ came up with the idea of providing Curriculum in ‘Training’ mode through Training and Workshop (personal & direct) and also through Online Video and Presentation. Reading ‘Text’ or books, is a heavily time consuming and high capacity task. Whereas, our lucid ‘Training’ mode through ‘Video and Presentation’ makes it easy and interesting for Teachers and Principals to learn and imbibe the Curriculum, and hence deliver it with ease in the class room.

The ZERO Curriculum™ is in 100% Ready Format and Teachers/ Educators/ Trainers/ Child Minders/ ECCE Professionals just need to enact it. Although being in 100% Ready Format, The ZERO Curriculum™ has enough scope for personal creativity and diversions. Entire Curriculum is distributed in Daily Teaching Plans, for 220 Days in Each Program. Each day’s Daily Teaching Plans covers the ‘Entire’ content (Content Delivery Details, Theme Discussion, Activities, worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts and many more…) which requires to be delivered to children.

The ZERO Curriculum™ is Customised for Play School, Preschool, etc so as to make it perfectly suitable for each Preschool and for each State of India.

The ZERO Curriculum™ is available for both Pre-Kindergarten Programs (Play School / Preschool, Nursery) and Kindergarten Programs. Age Group wise The ZERO Curriculum™ is available for 1.5 Years to 6 Years. Age of each program could be varied up to 6 Months (up or down), depending upon the milestones achieved by the child.

Pricing plans of The ZERO Curriculum™ is also very exciting. The ZERO Curriculum™ borrows the concept of ‘no frills pricing’ and ‘buy as you go’, so each Solutions we provide are priced separately. The ZERO Curriculum™ also offers Installment facility on some popular solutions.

The ZERO Curriculum™ is pioneer into ECCE Curriculum (Preschool Curriculum, Kindergarten Curriculum, Childcare Curriculum, etc.). The ZERO Curriculum™ is the first to bring the concept in India, that Preschools / Play Schools shall have proper Curriculum.

Having started its operations in 2009, since then The ZERO Curriculum™ is continuously innovating and revolutionising the ways to make the Curriculum available to the Teachers and Principals.

Still today, The ZERO Curriculum™ is having the most innovative ideas to Support Teachers Teach and Children Learn™

  • Video and Presentation mode of Curriculum (which is inbuilt with training) being made available to the Preschools / Play Schools, Teachers and Principals in ‘teaching’ mode.
  • Day wise Curriculum Teaching Cards.

… and many more solutions. Please visit this website properly to explore and know about our all Solutions.

Problems and innovation from The ZERO Curriculum™ – ‘Video and Presentation mode of Curriculum inbuilt with training’ :

Since 2009, The ZERO Curriculum™ have been continuously innovating not only in the areas of Curriculum but also the methodology through which we make the ‘Curriculum’ available to the teachers / principals.

Not just some texts and manuals – Curriculum made available by The ZERO Curriculum™ is not just some text, some manuals, some assessments or just some teaching strategies.

Teacher empowerment – Through our Curriculum, we target empowering the teachers and principals, so that the teachers and principals also starts developing and innovating on the Curriculum.

Skill and Knowledge of Teaching – Our Curriculum inbuilt with the training endeavour that the teachers and principals understands entire topic (themes, activities, content areas, etc) and is able to deliver it in proper language of ‘teaching’ and in best possible ‘unscripted’ way.

Understand the concepts – Through our Curriculum inbuilt with training, and being made available in Video and Presentation mode, we make teachers and principals understand the entire concepts, so that they deliver it confidently in the classroom and also contribute effectively into assessment.

Pedagogical Practices, Assessment and Eligibility of Purchase :

Besides other features, The ZERO Curriculum™ also use most innovative pedagogical approaches and techniques, which is creatively reflecting in our several beautifully coined phrases, like – Calculus in Preschool™, Optics in Preschool™ and more.

To facilitate and extend further development into innovative pedagogical approaches, and convert these pedagogical approaches and other Curricular approaches into longitudinal research format, The ZERO Curriculum™ follows innovative Assessment procedure and also requires preschool / play school to follow several guidelines to be eligible to Subscribe to our Solutions, Read More about it here – Pedagogical Practices, Assessment and Eligibility of Purchase.

Welcome to the world of The ZERO Curriculum™.

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