In-Person Training

In-Person Training by The ZERO Curriculum™ for Preschool and Kindergarten Programs are carried out primarily in Two ways –


  1. At Client’s location (Client’s Preschool or City)
  2. Seasonal Training Program conducted centrally at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and many other cities


Below mentioned TWO types of training are popular with our Preschool Clients –

1. To help entrepreneur’s into starting up their own preschool, we call this training – Preschool Entrepreneurship Program

2. To help Teachers / Principals / Center Heads / Entrepreneurs on Preschool Curriculum


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This section covers details regarding Early Childhood Care and Education Training, like Training required to deliver Curriculum, conduct proper education.

We provide all kinds of training with respect to Early Childhood Care and Education (Preschool Education, Play School Education, Kindergarten Education, Child care Centers, Day Care Centers, Nursery Education, Toddler Education, Training for preparing State wise Curriculum, Training to conduct ECCE Education as per each States of India, Training with respect to Program wise, Training with respect to Age groups wise education.

We provide complete training with respect to all Content areas – Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Language (English), etc.

Whether you want to develop your own Curriculum or conduct Training in your Preschool / Play School Campus, we have all kind of training for you.

We provide complete training with respect to Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum.
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in India is known as Preschool, Play School, Kindergarten, Child care, Day Care, Nursery, Toddler, etc.

So we provide training with respect to Preschool Education, Play School Education, Kindergarten Education, Child care Education, Day Care Education, Nursery Education, Toddler Education, etc.

Age groups wise, we provide Complete Education training from age group of One Years to Eight Years.

State wise, we provide Education training as per each States of India.

With respect to Program wise Education, we provide training for all programs, for all kind of Child care settings – Preschool, Play School, Kindergarten, Child care, Day Care, Nursery, Toddler, etc.

List of Some high in demand and popular Training is given below, although we are able to provide you with all kinds of training, so please Contact Us, for your all kinds of training needs, we will reply with availability and Charges / Fee. – Contact Us

The main task at The ZERO Curriculum™ is to organise and develop a Team which may collaborate with Preschools, Schools, NGOs and Researchers so as to do Curriculum Development and Teacher Education.

We constitute different Teams to carry out client specific tasks.

We carry out specialised services in Curriculum Development, Teacher Education, Curriculum Review, Book Review, Gender Analysis of Curriculum and Text Books & Story Books.

Our Permanent Team Heads are as follows :-


Rewati Raman Vishewar

Preschool Curriculum Developer Consultant

Rewati Raman Vishewar (Raman) is a Research Practitioner into Early Childhood Education / ECCE, Preschool Consultant and Co-Founder at The ZERO Curriculum™, Judicial Classes™ and Preschool For Child Rights™.

Raman has worked into the areas of “Education”, “Online Education Product Development”, “Franchising & Multi location center management”, “Management”, “Training” and “Research”.

Educational qualification wise, he is both an M.Ed. (Specialisation into ECCE) and MBA (Specialisation into Marketing & Human Resource).

He has worked across Preschools, Schools, Vocational Courses, Career Courses, Online Education and have spent more than a decade (15 Years) into Preschools and Schools as an Employee, Consultant and also as an Entrepreneur.

He has been working in Education Industry in several capacities – Trainer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Starting up educational institutions, Franchising, Management, Curriculum Development & Training and few other areas.

Raman is also looking forward to pursue his Ph.D. in Sociology of Childhood. His Research Papers have also been accepted in National Conferences on Education by prominent Government Universities.

He may be reached at WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423 and E-Mail id –


Abhidha Seth

Preschool Curriculum Developer Consultant

Several things defines Abhidha Seth. Assistant Professor into Early Childhood Care and Education domain, Researcher in Research Organisation, Research Fellowship awardee, published and presented Research papers, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Review, Research documentation, ECCE Surveys, working with NGOs and Government organisation and Education Conference expert both as Panelist and host.

Abhidha Seth is an Early Childhood Educator working in Preschool settings, since 2006. Her expertise lies into the areas of Preschool Curriculum Development and Teacher Education / Training, Preschool and Day Care consultant. She has been working and managing large teams.

Educational qualification wise, she is (Gold Medalist) M.Sc. in Child Development.

Her area of interest lies into Preschool Curriculum Development, Training, Play and Learning Equipment, Academic Operations, PTMs (Parent Teacher Meetings), Parent Orientation Programs, Parenting Workshops, Presentations & Discussions, Annual Day and other Celebrations, Speaker / Emcee on Preschool Seminars, Exhibitions, School Festivals, Carnivals and more.

She may be reached at E-Mail id –

Early Childhood Care and Education Training (Preschool Education Training, Play School Education Training, Kindergarten Education Training, Child care Education Training, Day Care Education Training, Nursery Education Training, Toddler Education Training, State wise Education Training, Education Training as per all States of India, Program wise Education Training, Age groups wise Education Training):