Parents as Partners

This section covers details about ‘Parents as Partners’ solution relating to Play School Curriculum / Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum.

Special Note :

This Solution – ‘Parents as Partners’ is a supplementary solution, and so is available for purchase only by the Subscribers of any one or more of ‘Day wise Curriculum’ solution.

Introduction :

The Problem:

Everybody, be it Early Childhood Care and Education Professionals or Preschool Stakeholders or a simple parent, knows that, parents are the most important people in their children’s lives.

Parents support, for their children’s learning and development is crucial, and their active role in children’s learning creates a positive difference, more than it could be visualized / measured.

Thus, “Parents as Partners” is the most essential thing for each preschool.

Generally parents asks such questions from Preschool Principals, Preschool Teachers –

“What is happening in the preschool”,

“What has happened today”,

“Is there something that could/should be done at home?”,

“What is this worksheet all about?”,

“My Child told me about this Activity, what this Activity was all about, may I ask for full information”,

“I intend to prepare my Child for mainstream Schools, what shall I do at home”,

“My child would be on holiday to grandpa’s house, what shall I do there”.

Everyday Preschool Principals, Preschool Teachers faces huge problem in communicating regarding such things with the Parents. Read More about the problems faced by Preschool Principals and Preschool Teachers Click Here.


The Solution – “Parents as Partners” :

We came up with a very beautiful Product, so that all such problems, as mentioned above, could be turned into Opportunities, the Products is – “Parents as Partners”.

Essential Requirement – To subscribe, to this solution “Parents as Partners”, Preschools must have subscribed to Day wise Curriculum of any Programs – Play School Curriculum / Preschool Curriculum, Kindergarten Curriculum.

Mechanism of Delivery:

Mechanism of delivery of – “Parents as Partners” :

Step 1. Each Parents of your Preschool sign ups on Member Protected websites of The ZERO Curriculum™. Name and Email Id of the parents is required.

Step 2 . Preschool confirms with us regarding the Name and Email id of the Parent.

Step 3. Each Month Parents are able to see below mentioned things, in their own User Account, regarding each Month’s Curriculum –

One, Snapshot of the entire Month.

Two, Concise details regarding each day curriculum.

Three, Images of Worksheets along with required details.

Four, Concise details of the activity.

Five, What they are expected to send to preschool, with the child on each day (parents will have a general idea, even if Preschool deviates slightly).

Six, Outcomes expected of the Child with required details.

How this product will help Preschool –

  • Preschool will not face any problem regarding communicating about things, as mentioned above.
  • Preschools will not get much bothered about Monthly Parent Teacher Meetings as One very Great aspect has already been taken care.
  • Less questions/queries, from existing parents, will save time of entire Team and thus saved time could be used for other fruitful activities.
  • Satisfied parents will bring more business
  • Preschools will always be ‘Contented’ that besides their own Team Members even Parents are keeping check on “The ZERO Curriculum™”, and are able to provide feedback.

Also see – ‘Parents as Partners’ would be directly linked to the ‘Day wise Curriculum’ which Preschool / Play School have subscribed and being made available.

Price :

Signup Fee Per Annum – Rs. 7000 (Seven Thousand) Only
[This is the minimum payment which the Subscriber has to make] Website Membership Charges Per Child Per Month – Rs.47 (Fourty Seven) Only
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